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~Royal Rumble~

With all the talk of the new royal baby we can't help it but to anticipate the name reveal! Whether it's a classic & timeless name, the ever so expected generational family name, or something completely new & edgy, why not bring the same hype to the naming of your little prince or princess!

🤴As we have seen in recent times the Royal family and many celebs have used their spot light to set the latest trends in baby names.

In just recent years it seems more and more people are jumping on the unique bandwagon.

💃Some have been inspired with flares of a forgotten era like the 1920's and 30's, bringing back the sweet and simplistic names that carry the strong and inspiring meanings from which the names are often derived from.

While others are leaning towards creating the most beautiful and unique names that will take all by storm. 😎 🎬

No matter where you fall on the naming spectrum, choosing your child's name is one of the cherished milestones of pregnancy. 🤰

It can all feel overwhelming 😲😲 at times with all the possibilities floating around today, or seem as if you are at a crossroads when you love one name and your spouse is hooked on another one... and not to mention the inevitable "pregnancy brain" that adds a fog to the thought process that all of us mama's catch throughout our pregnancy journeys.

But, no need to fret mama the right one will jump out at you at the right time. I mean who are we kidding, you have 9 months, right!? 🕵️‍♀️

That's plenty of time to weigh all the options.

Yes, even all those ridiculous ones that oh so eager Grandma keeps tossing in the mix. 👵

So where ever your decision may lie, we know it will be fit for your little king or queen!👷‍♀️

Check out the links we added for some of the top baby names climbing up the charts!

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