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Boot Camp For New Dads

Updated: May 12, 2020

We are proud to Introduce you to our Parenting Classes for Dad-to-Be.

Boot Camp for New Dads is a men-only workshop for guys expecting their first baby.

During the 3-hour workshop, "Rookie" dads-to-be talk to "Veteran" new dads (with their babies) about what the first months of fatherhood are really like.

The Vets answer questions, address concerns, and share how they and their families are tackling common issues faced by new parents.

Guys talk about how to:

  • Support new mom and understand what she's going through

  • Form a parenting team with your partner

  • Handle gate-keeping and make sure you're hands-on from day one

  • Troubleshoot crying babies

  • Become the dad you want to be and bond with baby

  • Build your relationship before baby arrives

Dads-to-be learn what to expect as they become fathers from the real experts: New Dads and their babies.

Guys talk about supporting moms and their new babies in this workshop

This class is so wonderful for dads-to-be as it really attempts to prepare dad for what like is going to look like once you bring baby home.

It offers him practical advice and a dad only support system that just can't be found elsewhere.

Class is based on the book Crash Course for New Dads. The book is included for dads to take home with them after they attend the class.

The class is coached by, Mark Dirig, who is a Post Partum Douala in Training! Who better to coach then a Douala, who has been a Father, Step-Father, and now a Pop-Pop too! He is so excited to help in anyway possible.

For more info or to learn more check out the following sites:

For more info about these programs check out: and

We can't wait to see your Dad-to-be at Boot Camp!

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