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Before I formed you in the womb  I KNEW YOU  before you were born I set you apart. Jerimiah 1:5

Covid 19 policy available on each session description, confirmation email and on official booking page. Following Are Our Most common COVID 19 questions:  Are We Open? Yes, we are open on Fridays and Saturdays.  Can you bring guests? Yes, you may bring up to 3 additional people to view your session with you. Masks Required? Yes, masks are required by anyone over 2 yrs. Yes, we have realistic expectations for toddlers and masks, we don't expect perfection just bring them a mask..;)

(Please be Patient... Link may Open slowly​)

Enjoy an Ultrasound where the:

  • Dads are allowed and welcomed

  • ENTIRE session is shared with you

  • There are multiple large screens to view

  • you see your baby the ENTIRE time

  • not just 30 secs of your Dr.s visit
  • home like environment/not cold medical white


  • the Sonographer Speaks to you
  • The sonographer explains what you are viewing

  • The Sonographer is also a prenatal and postpartum educator with plenty of knowledge to share


“Home of the Belly God-Mother"-Enjoy A Guided Tour of the Fetal Environment

<<-- Meet our Owner/Sonographer

"I want to empower you to become the mom who intimately knows her baby's habits, traits, and features, not after birth, but before birth!


I want to allow Dad to be able to bond with baby prior to baby's birth."  -Shelly

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Customer Personal Testimonial by Tamara

Customer Personal Testimonial by Tamara

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