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Boot Camp for New Moms

Updated: May 12, 2020

We are proud to introduce Boot Camp for New Moms!!

During Boot Camp for New Moms, new mamas (and their babies) share real-world insight, advice, and experiences about navigating the first months of parenthood.

You'll hear how different women and families handle the challenges that almost all new parents face:

  • Work/life balance, handling family and friends

  • Going back to work or staying home and childcare

  • Parenting as a team

  • Breastfeeding, or not, and what that looks like in the real world

  • Changes new moms face (physical, hormonal, mental, etc.) and how that impacts everything

  • New dad's different trajectory and how he bonds with baby

  • Reinforcing your relationship before, and reconnecting after, baby arrives

Boot Camp for New Moms is the perfect program for moms-to-be; offering a no guilt, no judgment place for expectant and new moms to hear a variety of experiences about how to raise baby.

New moms share their experiences to show you there's no one "right" way.

Plus learn what dad-to-be is going through, how to bring out the best in him and how to handle becoming a mom.

Get real-world-based tips, advice, insight, help, and stories to help moms-to-be and new moms navigate first-time motherhood. Find what works for your family.

This class is so wonderful for moms to-be as it really attempts to prepare moms for what like is going to look like once you bring baby home.

It offers her practical advice and a mom only support system. Class is based on the book Crash Course for New Moms. The book is included for moms to take home with them after they attend the class.

The class is coached by, Shelly Dirig, who is a Post Partum Douala in Training! Who better to coach then a Douala, who has been a Mother, Step-Mother, and now a Gi-Gi too!

For more info or to learn more visit check out the following sites:

For more info about these programs check out: and

We can't wait to see you at Boot Camp!

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