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Pregnant Men? How Can it Be?

Pregant Man Challege:

Are You Tougher Than a Pregnant Lady?

Let's Find Out...

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Simulator 3 Day Rental

One-size-fits-most pregnancy simulator vest features:

  • Creates Empathy towards Pregnancy Discomforts

  • Simulates 25- to - 30 pound weight gain

  • Altered Body Image to simulate Self Conciousness

  • A water bladder to simulate altered center gravity

  • A warm water bladder to simulate elevated body temperature

  • A steel weigh within water bladder to simulate fetal movement

  • A rib constrictor belt to difficulty breathing

  • A rib constrictor belt also simulates pressure from fetal limbs

  • A weight sand bag to simulate bladder pressure (recommend use with a full bladder to create "urgency")

  • Large men may not experience the full effects of simulation

  • Special FaceBook Group for men who Take the Challenge

Try doing the following tasks:

-Sitting in the drivers seat of your car ( does your belly touch the steering wheel?)

-Doing the dishes, loading/Unloading the Dishwasher, Hand washing dishes

-Loading, Switching, and Folding Laundry

-Picking up toys, shoes, etc from the floor

-Bathing a young child (or pet)

-Put on your Sock & Shoes, Tie your shoe laces

-Simulate Shaving your "Entire" Leg and Bikini area!!

-Laying down in multiple positions (Is it hard to get comfortable or catch your breath? Now- Imagine your Spouse wants to make Woopie!!)

-Sitting at a table ( to eat, write a letter, pay a bill)

-Check out your Body Profile!! Yikes!!

-Is your back beginning to hurt? What about your shoulders- the vest doesa decent job of simulating the extra Breast weight pressure a bra would put on your shoulders too!

Let us know what else these men may try. Our 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Simulation Suit is an excellent to help Non- Pregnant people empathize with the discomforts of that last trimester of pregnancy... which is no fun!!

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