Ultrasound & DNA Packages

2D (Black & White) Non-Gender Ultrasounds

Perfect to Dads, Moms, & loved ones

  1. 1st Trimester Early Peeks (7-12 weeks)

  2. 2nd & 3rd Trimester AnyTime Peeks (13-40 weeks)

Gender Determination Packages

Boy or Girl? Let's Find out

  1. "Sneak Peek" Blood Draw DNA Gender  (8 wks & up)

  2. Gender Reveal Ultrasound (14 weeks & up)

Three Dimensional Ultrasounds (non-Gender)

Best Face seen after 28 weeks

3D/4d is the orange/Sepia toned Images

5D/HD is the pink/Flesh toned Images

1.  3D/4d Ultrasound,  5D/HD with Upgrade to newest technology

2. Extended Time 3D/4d Ultrasound, 5D/HD with Upgrade to newest technology

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