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Gender Predictions at 12 week Explained

Updated: May 12, 2020

Boy or Girl? Too Early to Tell?

Nub Theory

Have you ever heard of the "Nub" Theory or The Angle of the Dangle??

It is a theory that says during the 12th week of pregnancy the genital tubercle in both boy and girl fetuses are the same length and visually look the same.

Because of the this - the gender of the fetus is not able to be determined by ultrasound. But, the theory suggest that if the genital tubercle and the horizontal direction of the spine form an angle that is 30 degrees or smaller- the fetus is a Girl! If the angle is over 30 degrees, it is a Boy!

Now this is just a theory- and it is NOT 100% accurate. (I believe that I read it is approx 87% accurate- but I can't find that number at the writing of this blog to verify).

This is a lot of fun try- Book your a 2D N0n Gender Ultrasound (black & white, non gender session) at 12 week pregnant and ask for a Wives Tale Prediction and lets try to discover your baby's gender- then come on back around 16 weeks for a Gender Determination Ultrasound and lets see if it was correct!

Check out this video for more explanation:

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